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RFF - Thursday DAY PASS

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


Welcome to day one of the Romford Film Festival

Full timetable to be released 20 May 2019

Thursday 6th June

10am  Short Film Showcase 1

The Mentor

Professional climber Marcus Garcia travels from his home in southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains to the limestone cliffs and spires of of El Potrero Chico in northern Mexico to revisit his mentor’s final climb. In an emotional and powerful act of closure, he reflects on the accident that took him a decade to talk about—and climbs the route that took his mentor’s life.

USA 11m

An Underground Affair

A man embarks on a journey across London to say farewell to and reflect on what could have been a life between him and his lover.

UK 8m

"The White Bag"

"The White Bag" is a spy-spoof movie based on classic black and white film noir and espionage movies. Filmed on location in San Rafael, California as a project for a class on filming and editing with smartphones and tablets taught at the Community Media Center of Marin (cmcm.tv) in 2015.

USA 3m

Biwy - Blood sampling with a smile

In a waiting room in a clinic, two children meet while they wait to take blood, one of them has already done it while the other is his first experience. Magically appears Biwy, a monarch butterfly that accompanies our protagonists to discover the various phases of blood collection. A short film designed to explain to children how the sample works and reassure them by entertaining them.

Italy 3m

Old Hearts Cafe

Markus, the dishwasher in Old Hearts Cafe, makes a short film about the evils of technology.

USA 11m

My Martian Dad

"My Martian Dad" is an exploratory rockumentary with a personal twist. Twelve years after the death of her father, filmmaker Amy Jean Carlsson investigates his turbulent past as the frontman of Martian Dance, a forgotten band of London’s post-punk era. Despite supporting the influential Adam and the Ants in 1980 and signing with EMI, little is known of Martian Dance - that is, until you ask their small yet dedicated fan base, many of whom were also personal friends. And so follows a a series of interviews conduced by Amy herself, as well as visits to iconic underground venues such as Alaska Studios and The 100 Club. The film uncovers the musical passion and close relationships Amy's dad kept hidden, including a few surprises along the way.

UK 15m

The Goodbye

Young Joe is experiencing the ultimate emotional crash when he learns that he only has six months left to live. The new state of affairs causes him to find a way to cope with reality.

UK 12m


King For A Day

A feature length documentary that explores the worldwide phenomenon of Elvis impersonators. Starting in the Canadian small town of Collingwood, that hosts one of the largest Elvis Festivals in the world, filmmaker Tracey Johnston delves deep into the world of fake hair, spray tan and sparkling jumpsuits. Her pursuit finds millions of tax dollars being invested into the culture of Elvis. Soon she discovers the commercial sector of Elvis festivals and road trips to Memphis, the heart of Elvis. Interviews with top Elvis Tribute artists including Canadian champions and the Ultimate Champion, reveals more about why thousands of artists dedicate their lives to Elvis. King for a Day explores greed, corruption and cultural abduction and asks the question of what would Elvis have to say about all of this?

Canada 83m

& Gone Synopsis not yet received

2pm Eurasian Film Festival

Heaven Of Children

"A boy and girl explore an abandoned cinema and find a role of film that they watch but are thrown out by security before they finish the film so they try to imagine the ending."

Iran/Indonesia 5m

My Name Is Kozha


National Anthem Girl  (TBC)

'National Anthem Girl' is a non-political look at Long Island native Janine Stange's two year, self-funded quest to sing the National Anthem in all 50 states, while promoting pride, patriotism, and the 200th anniversary of The Star Spangled Banner.

USA – 76m


It's Over?

Ever fantasised about breaking up with your partner?

What's your preferred way to end things?

It's Over?

A comedy short for your research.

UK – 6m

6pm – Press Launch

Networking and press for the Romford Film Festival and Eurasian Creative Guild Film Festival & Fashion Show


The Little Count

One building leads three friends to unearth a local legend. 99cm tall and 97 years old. They discover the amazing story of Joseph Boruwlaski.

UK 60m

8pm  Kharms  (ECG)

The film tells the story of the life of Daniil Yuvachev, known to the world as Daniil Kharms.

Russia 94m