Short Film Showcase 3 (RFF24)18

Short Film Showcase 3 (RFF24)

Opens Tue Mar 19 2024

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Tragedy strikes and a young boy discovers that a mouse has moved in on the same day. Father and son have very different ideas about what to do next as they navigate issues of life, death, love and grief in this heartwarming tale that will bring out the kid in all of us.

The Consequence

When a right-wing opinion radio host chooses to discriminately accuse a Muslim man of a murder he didn’t commit, her words come back to haunt her. But will she pay for the consequence of her actions.

Her Castle

A reclusive hoarder finds her solitary existence upset when a kind-hearted social worker shows up at her door, and leaves her questioning if she can open herself up to the possibility of learning to live again.

The Countryman

Bitterness threatens to destroy a small farming community until a stranger arrives with a curious proposition.

Same Old

A new York City motorbike delivery driver has a terrible night which leads to potentially desperate measures.

Opening Up

Reluctant-dater Jas played by Tamzin Outhwaite (Eastenders) hadn't meant to kiss Adam played by Gary Beadle (Guy Ritchie's: The Gentlemen, Rye Lane & Star Wars: Andor). But she couldn't help herself.

Freaking out, she bursts into her twelfth -floor flat and slams the door in his lipstick smeared face, leaving divorcee Adam alone on the doorstep, feeling the pain of rejection all.

Part of the Romford Film Frstival 2024 - Friday 24th May to Tuesday 28th May 2024