Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 2 - Session 418

Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 2 - Session 4

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


Micropubs - The New Local

All across the UK, a micro revolution is happening. As traditional pubs continue to close at astounding rates, a dedicated number of small one-room pubs known as ‘micropubs’ are shunning all technology, encouraging real human conversation and most importantly, promoting real ale to their customers, all in a bid to bring their local communities back together. Inspired by this Kentish micropub movement, three entrepreneurial Londoners decide to open their very own micropubs in this observational feature length documentary.

Directed by: Syd Heather, Daniel Eycott, James Coyne

Running Time - 62 minutes

Country - United Kingdom



One In Three

6 year old Sarah has started to notice that her parents arguing has escalated. With her mother suffering from Obsessive Personality Disorder, and her father struggling with pressure from work, tensions build up over dinner one night causing revelations to spill out.

Directed by: Oliver McDermid-Perring

Running Time - 13 minutes

Country - United Kingdom