Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 2 - Session 318

Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 2 - Session 3

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


Short Film Showcase 1



With the new craze for stolen-on-demand requests at its height, Bonny turns her professional eye to a stakeout for the latest batch being delivered. But when Billy, an uninvited work acquaintance appears, it's a battle of perseverance as they await the news at sunrise.

Directed By Mika Simmons

Running Time - 8 Minutes

Country - United Kingdom



Against The Grain

John is a carpenter exalts the virtues of his trade whilst revealing uncontrollable twist of events. But now in his twilight years John questions his own resolve, as he sets about trying to create meaning through his craft.Against the Grain is story about life and wood.

Directed by: Richard Evans

Running Time - 17 minutes

Country -United Kingdom




An 87 year year old woman is haunted by her recently deceased husband.

Norma wants to be left alone but the weird happenings in her house prove too much for her. She tries to win back her life but ultimately realises that she wants to be with her husband, even if he is an apparition.

Directed by Steve Sale

Running Time - 8 Minutes

Country -United Kingdom




Time and Tide is a trilogy about how we approach the past, reconcile it with the present, and face the future.

Across the years, a mother watches her gladiator son fight, while she remembers his childhood: the last lighthouse keeper prepares for his final trip ashore: and an actor returns to the stage to play his part in a Greek myth.

The trilogy opens with The Arena, with renowned actor Greta Scacchi giving an emotional performance as she tells the tale of a gladiator fighting for his life, while his mother looks on, recalling happier times.

The second film in the sequence, The Last Lighthouse Keeper, stars experienced character actor John Locke as he relates the keeper’s adventures from the invention of the lighthouse, to eventual redundancy.

In the final film, Homecoming, star of stage and screen Samuel West plays an actor returning to the theatre after a long absence, to take the role of Odysseus - who found that after an epic journey home, he had new trials to overcome.

Directed by: - Justin Spray, Marc Green, Jonathan Stow

Running Time - 15 minutes

Country - United Kingdom





A new take on the classic 'mysterious box' theme. Shot during lockdown with one actor, one filmmaker and one assistant.

Directed by Ben Lovejoy

Running Time - 3 minutes

Country - United Kingdom




As a devoted and loving mother's mind begins to unravel, the line between reality and a freakish nightmare becomes increasingly difficult to draw.

Directed by Jay Robey

Running Time - 11 minutes

Country - United Kingdom


This session will end with a Q&A