Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 7 - Session 318

Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 7  - Session 3

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


Short Film Showcase 7


Phase 5

Anna is fighting to start a new life after a traumatic experience. Trapped between loneliness and the memories of happier times, she tries to go through the phases of a hard and little known process where even the kindest of words can feel like a knife.

Directed by Carles Valdés

14 minutes





Moskova Forever

Timo meets the woman of his dreams in a weird bar complex. He fuels his alcoholic tendencies by seducing the ghost trapped in a limbo of underachieving.

Directed by Virva Kunttu, Vuokko Kunttu

13 minutes





A biographical 2D animation following the realisation of a missed opportunity to make a connection with a relative after attending their funeral digitally during the pandemic.

Directed by Meg Dupont

5 minutes

United Kingdom




The Heart Asunder

A young mother talks to her daughter as she walks through a country park, before a meeting with her concerned partner.

Directed by Jay Mansell

4 Minutes

United Kingdom





The fragile relationship between the withdrawn and solitary June, and Ghita, an extroverted young woman with a long history of depression is tested when Ghita has a revelation and makes the decision to kill herself. In an attempt to cling onto her lover, June will become an accomplice in Ghita’s departure from life.

Directed by Mathias Falcone

7 minutes

United Kingdom




Riot in the Meadow

A short documentary about the life of artist Vicky Hawkins narrated by Roberta Taylor.

Directed Thomas Harman

9 mins

United Kingdom



Professor television

Professor Television is your source for videos that are both educational AND fun! As a loving hommage to the educational television of the '70s, this pilot episode will teach you about the history and science behind magic.

Directed by Joep Gerrits

19 minutes






Pedro, a worker in Switzerland, must take a cow to the slaughterhouse while his mother dies in Spain.

Directed by Lucas del Fresno

26 mins





Wasted Seed

A couple's desire to have a child sets them on a journey that will test the threshold of their love and connection.

Directed by Nino Mancuso

18 minutes

United States