Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 6 - Session 118

Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 6 - Session 1

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


Short Film Showcase 4


It's All Changed Around here

Filmed entirely during the Covid pandemic from October 2020 – February 2021, IACRH is an experimental documentary which focuses on the district of East London, looking specifically at the current changes gentrification and globalization have had or will have on its landscape, architecture and community. The film is Jacob R Schwar’s debut, with everything including editing, photography and music done by him solely. Schwar was born in Romford, Essex, his relatives lived throughout East London specifically located in Plaistow, Poplar and East Ham in which he would visit each exhaustively during his childhood. Even from a young age he took note of a drastically changing East London, forever asking questions about the past and looking at the family photos from bygone times. Through this film Schwar attempts to observe and preserve these locations from his childhood, as well as giving his own poetic spoken word on each scenario, before they’re inevitably changed by re-generation forever. Schwar's poetry and spoken word is inspired heavily by the works and words of William S Burroughs, Genesis P Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV) and Jim Morrison (The Doors).

Directed by Jacob R Schwar

Running time - 23 minutes

United Kingdom




Beyond the Booth

A short film about connecting in places where we are apart.

Directed by Clara Richter

Running time - 7 Minutes

United Kingdom



Bilderflut - Flood of Pictures

An essay film which plays with the impossibility of setting London into frames. The film portrays the personal perspective of the female filmmaker, who experiences the city from the point of view of a German foreigner. The film has a circular structure and is dominated by a voice-over which leads and connects the narration of the single fragments of the film

Directed by Kathy Janet Wieczorek

Running time - 11 minutes

United Kingdom





Feeling abandoned by his family and country, Brian finds purpose in a far right provocateur, Clark English: an outsider in an upcoming election.

Between regaining his family and pursuing employment by any means necessary, Brian's reality spirals out of control when desperation and demagoguery collide.

Directed by Marcus Parker-Wood

Running time - 20 Minutes

United Kingdom




In two minds

A rookie police officer is thrown into a compromising position with a troubled man who is willing to stop at nothing.

Directed by David Streames

Running time - 12 minutes

United Kingdom




Pandemic Spy

Did we ever stop to think how the lockdown would hinder the work of spies in the middle of a pandemic? With government restrictions keeping people off park benches, Fisher (may not be his real name) tries to adapt to the new reality, finding the things he took for granted, like having a secret conversation in a public space with his contact Penny, more difficult than before. A comedy about connection, friendship and community, all de- classified just this once.

Directed by Daniel D. Moses

Running time - 9 Minutes

United Kingdom





Yasmin, an impressionable South Asian teen, finds herself trapped between her strict, traditional family and the man she is in love with. One night, when Yasmin sneaks out to a party, she inadvertently starts a chain of events that changes her life forever.

Directed by Riyadh Haque

Running time - 20 minutes

United Kingdom




One Last Spin

An unflinching look at gambling addiction through the eyes of recovering addicts. One Last Spin explores the environments that condition people to gamble and the devastating effects it has on their lives and communities.

Directed by Ross Donald

Running time - 30 Minutes

United Kingdom


This selection of films is followed by a Q&A