Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 4 - Session 518

Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 4 - Session 5

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


Daddy's Girl

A young woman held captive by her stepfather becomes the focus of a female vigilante.

This is an ultra-rare opportunity to see Julian Richards (Summer Scars/Shiver/Reborn) lost modern classic.

Directed by: Julian Richards

Running Time - 81 minutes

Country - United States




The Other one

When the physicist Walter moves into a new apartment in the 1970s, he tries to clear up the enigmatic disappearance of his previous tenant and realizes that the old man is haunting him in an eerie way - from the future.

Directed by: Lukas Baier

Running Time - 27 minutes

Country - Germany