Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 4 - Session 118

Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 4 - Session 1

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.



50-year-old Jim (Gerald Chew) loses his high-flying job in status-conscious Singapore, but his ego and pride compel him to hide this from his wife (Amy J Cheng, "Crazy Rich Asians") and daughter. His only confidante is his best friend (Sivakumar Palakrishnan. Desperately clinging onto the material symbols of his past success, he unlocks a hibernating malevolent force, with sinister roots in long-buried secrets. As his dream life crumbles around him, worlds collide, the lines between then and now become increasingly blurred, and Jim descends into a waking nightmare… REPOSSESSION is a bold, genre-bending film, with an ever-evolving, haunting soundscape from award-winning composer Teo Wei Yong.

Directed by: Goh Ming Siu, Scott C. Hillyard

Running Time - 96 minutes

Country - Singapore




Crappy Christmas - Operation Christmas Child

A gingerbread man is kidnapped having been lured from his house and held in an underground bunker. One night a furry visitor leaves a sack full of presents that could bring about the gingerbread mans escape.

Directed by: Jürgen Kling

Running Time - 6 minutes

Country - Germany




Hell On Cotton Hill

When avid hiker Wesley goes missing up on Cotton Hill, his friends go searching for him at their own peril!

Directed By: Russell Whaley

Running Time - 8 minutes

Country - United States




Come With Me

On the evening of his girlfriend's funeral viewing, a mourning young man goes to her Art Studio to reminisce and gets more than he bargained for...

Directed By: Russell Whaley

Running Time - 7 minutes

Country - United States