Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 3 - Session 618

Romford Film Festival 2022 - Day 3 - Session 6

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.




Nara is a young Youtuber who never steps out of her room. Voluntarily isolated, she documents her confinement on the internet until a global pandemic suddenly forces everybody else to stay at home against their will.

Directed by Borja Crespo

Running Time - 13 mins

Country - Spain




The Ugly Truth

Mona, her husband Theo and daughter Hanna live in an idyllic villa on the outskirts of Berlin. When the attractive 18 years old daughter of a friend comes to visit, the profound problems and fragility of the small family reveal, as a tragic downward spiral takes its inevitable course.

Directed by Krishna Ashu Bhati

Running Time - 96 mins

Country - Germany