Romford Film Festival 2021 - 26th - Session 718

Romford Film Festival 2021 - 26th - Session 7

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.



Election Night

accompanied by Asphyxiate 


The Britain of Election Night is a society where the public has grown cynical about the establishment and traditional politicians. Many believe in a new optimism coming from a revitalised left. But threatening to spoil the party is a new populist far-right movement headed by a former newspaper baron.

Our film is set on the night of the election as five liberal-minded friends gather to watch the results on television, as politicos do. It’s a drink-fuelled night that could be a huge celebration. But outside far-right supporters are rioting and claiming a rigged election. And then there’s a knock on the door. Three people desperately seek shelter from the violence. It’s only when the visitors are welcomed in that they show their true colours.

As the tight election result turns in favour of the far-right, the visitors seize control. Suddenly we’re into a full-on home-invasion movie, with the far-right acting out their new policies of violence and hate towards the establishment.

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