Romford Film Festival 2021 - 26th - Session 118

Romford Film Festival 2021 - 26th - Session 1

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.



His Name Is Randy

 accompanied by Flatland


His Name Is Randy: Everyday, an enigmatic street musician sings for a sea of people one at a time, many too busy to notice. Most don't know his name, and no one would ever believe his story. This film couldn't cover the half of it. This documentary is a story of perseverance, knowing yourself, and the overwhelming kindness of strangers, despite singing way too loud...   Flatland: An activist wakes up in a strange flat with two murderous men and no recollection of how she arrived. There’s a magical staircase that prevents her from leaving, cupboards of food that replenish themselves and a single bible. To survive, this peaceful protester will have to use all her wits to work out what the flat is, what purpose it serves as well as the cruel rules that govern there. But will she be able to keep to them if it means betraying everything she believes in?

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