Romford Film Festival 2021 - 24th - Session 518

Romford Film Festival 2021 - 24th - Session 5

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


Safer In Silence  


Featuring The Short films Gone and Asra.


At sixteen, Corinne receives a phone call from a mysterious woman in a heavy foreign accent, claiming to be her grandmother. The woman tells Corinne she has found her through a private detective, has just arrived from Brazil, and can they meet. Thus begins a lifetime quest to understand her family’s hidden past. Uncovering Jewish roots, Corinne is pulled on a complex journey that spans 30 years and five continents. One startling revelation leads to another.

Safer in Silence is a story about hiding and family secrets; about identity and inter-generational trauma. Ultimately, it’s a story about one woman’s search for wholeness.