Dead End Trilogy + Q&A18

Dead End Trilogy + Q&A

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.

  • Sat 12 Dec
  • 70 minutes
  • Director: Carter Ferguson, Bryan Larkin, Ross Boyask
  • Cast: Bryan Larkin, Greg Burridge, Rebecca Yeo
  • UK (2017-2020)


For the first time, audiences can see the entire Dead End trilogy back to back, including the UK premiere of the final instalment. Following the films will be a special seminar with director Ross Boyask, star and writer Bryan Larkin and stars Greg Burridge and Rebecca Yeo where they will talk about the series and their experiences of working on it. This session is a charity event in support of Medicinema.

The session is as follows:

Dead End (19 minutes)

Dead End II (25 minutes)

Introduction of Dead End - Dead Man Walking by Bryan Larkin

Dead End - Dead Man Walking (26 minutes)

Two contract killers known only by their identities The Contractor and Young, infiltrate a human trafficking ring in China by orders of the British Secret Service). Their objective is to make the leading players in a global operation disappear but their mission doesn’t go to plan, and a brutal and bloody battle attracts the attention of a young Chinese girl living off the proceeds of petty crime - herself a victim of human trafficking. Over the course of three 25 minute episodes we follow the Contractor and Young as the body count rises.